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My city is in chaos.
This is what’s happening to Hong Kong right this minute.



It is difficult for me to put into words, but simply put, University students started a class boycott movement demanding democracy and universal suffrage from the Hong Kong and Chinese…

It is really sad to see what is happening in my beloved city.

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a silly idea doodle for plushy(?)

a silly idea doodle for plushy(?)

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here is a irresponsible review on dais’s soft clay

so daiso is a japanese almost everything $1.5 kinda shop that is taking over in my neighborhood. And i always see this clay but never bought it because i usually use stone clay.

But finally i bought it recently to see how it is.

So it comes in a dimension of roughly 3.5W x 4.5H x 1D, pretty reasonable to the price. The 1 reason i want to try was because it said it doesn’t stick to hands, which is awesome.

Anyway, back to the topic.

This clay is super light weight, and come in 5 basic colors. Made out of: microcapsules, natural fiber, water, synthesis glue, and antibacterial., and good for any age 3 and up.

I think because this clay is 90% synthetic, it kind of have a weird texture (it reminded me of those weird as-seen-on-tv squishy sand, but a little better). And it kind of smell too, and i think a lot of people wouldn’t like it. But it will air out in a few hours or so.

Anyway, so yes, it really doesn’t stick on my hands unless i start applying water.

But, once the clay separates from each other, it does’t want to stick back together unless you use water and gently attach them. And i have to say i was a little frustrated at first, since i was spoiled by fancy clay for so many years. But you get used to it pretty fast. 

The surface of the clay start drying within about 45-60 min. But it will reactivate once you apply water again (even when it is dry dry). So if you want your work to stay forever, i suggest you lightly coat it with some kind of varnish or something to seal it.

Overall, i like it for prototypes, or simple clay sculptures that aren’t too complex or too small in size (i don’t think this clay is delicate enough to do so). Oh, and it takes colors pretty well, just need to keep in mind the water in the paints will reactivate the clay a little. So you got to apply paints a little drier, unless you want to sculpture the clay with a brush and paints.


* clean, doesn’t stick on hands

* cheap, only $1.5 for a box

* light weight

* take colors ok

* dry fast


* doesn’t really stick together right away.

* Kind of smell

* not for delicate work

* very sensitive to fingerprints after water is apply

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camel soft toy 
what can i say….i like making plushy

camel soft toy 

what can i say….i like making plushy

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you guys probably seen this fancy horse plushy already

but i did an illustration for the character the other day

pen, gouache on wood

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